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WordIndex Full Text Indexer  v.0.0.5.beta

Wordindex takes huge amounts of document type files (html, pdf, zip, text, ps, etc...) and full text indexes them. All data is stored in a MySQL database and a alpha web based search util has been

Unicode Text Search  v.1.5

A simple Unicode text searcher

Nucular Fielded Full Text Indexing  v.0.5

Nucular Archiving System for creating full text indices for fielded data. Python API, web, and command line interfaces. Fast. Very light weight. Concurrent read/writes with no possible locking issues. No server process. Proximity. Facets. Funny

Mysql full-text parser plugin collection  v.b.1.6.1

MySQL (5.1 and later) full-text parser plugins collection. This collection provides bigram, mecab , space, snowball and suffix parser. If you want to use Chinese or Japanese, bigram plugin might be useful.

Full-Text RSS  v.2.7

Full-Text RSS has been tested on Windows and Linux using the Apache web server.

SurF  v.0.64

SurF is an innovative open source Windows file manager that offers tree organized tabs, allowing you to work with multiple folders simultaneously and easily switch between them. Full text search and advanced NTFS support besides standard operations.

DBSight  v.4.3.0 Build 240

Instead of weeks or even months to develop a full-text search for your data, if you know how to use DBSight, you can easily create the full-text search literally in minutes. Besides many HTML/XML integration options, you can embed DBSight Search

FileSearcher  v.1.2.1

FileSearcher is a desktop application for enhanced full text search of desktop files. A first-class function of this program is the display of file snapshots taken during the searching process.

InSight Desktop Search  v.

InSight offers quick and easy way to search for files stored anywhere in your pc's hard drive, right from your desktop.Gives you the power to perform a full-text search on your pc's files and displays the results instantly.InSight also offers

TiTLi - The Database Search  v.0.5

TiTLi: A Google-like, full-text search tool for relational databases. It is very fast and independent of vendor specific RDBMS's like mysql, oracle etc. It uses Apache Lucene for indexing and provides some advanced features like similarity

Open Search Server  v.1.1.3 / 1.2.1-r

It is both a modern search engine and a suite of high-powered full text search algorithms.

Dropout  v.0.91

Dropout is a portable application that makes it easy to search your USB, Dropbox or any other directory. Written in C# it uses the Lucene full text search library and IFilter's to search the content of your files. Simply place the executable in the

VBScriptMania  v.1.0

MSAccess database with over 2000 predefined scripts, in French and English, colorized code like in VB. Full text search and filter, run code, import scripts, edit script and save options. Predefined statements scripts manager. Scan PC to find scripts

SearchInform Free  v.3.0.04

Full-text search considering morphology and synonyms. Searching documents similar by content. Support of documents of any text formats and various data sources. Fast indexing (15-30 GB/h), the 'important words' function to pin-point the search

DirectInfo Express  v.5.9.4

Full text search in documents, e-mails, web sites, portals and databasesFull text indexing of more than 300 file formatsDesigned also for large information volumes due to highly scalable Oracle platformComprehensive search options: fuzzy, synonym,

YvProxyCacheMan  v.

Inspect WEB cache of your proxy server!First, you can perform thorough search through the cache to get the list of found items. This search uses multiple select criteria, including full text search and search by URL.Next you can inspect found items

XSearch32  v.5.07

XSearch32 5.07 is a powerful Text Retrieval System specially designed for Win 9x/NT/ME/2k with multilanguage support to search in XML files. It is made from well known Search32 full-text search utility and supports search in XML formatted files.Major

Bitfarm-Archiv Document Management - DMS  v.3.4.2

bitfarm-Archiv is a powerful Document Management (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Knowledge Management System (KMS) with Workflow Components. Features: Scanning, OCR, Full text search, Email archiving. See

GeoPMS  v.0.31

GeoPMS is a project based full paper management system to archive, search and manage scientific papers. GeoPMS has full text search, search by author, search by title and citation import functionality direct from the PDF header, PDF text or RIS.

Learning Materials Synchronizing Tool  v.32

It is a desktop search (aiming learning materials) tool that provides full text search with a friendly

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