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  • PDF Search  v.1.01PDF Search performs full-text search in PDF files by keyword, title, subject and author. With PDF Search, you can easily and quickly find the information you want through all PDF files on your hard disk. It searches in DOC, RTF, TXT files as well.
  • Subject Search Scanner CD Edition  v.4.6SSScanner CD Edition is a full-text search utility that lets your customers search in contents of files you are distributing on CD's. It is able to highlight those paragraphs where the search phrase is altered, modified or even misspelled!
  • FindinSite-CD search engine for a CD or DVD  v.6.05FindinSite-CD is a full text search engine for CDs or DVDs containing HTML, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, JPEG and TIFF files. It is platform-independent and runs in most browsers. The FindinSite-CD Java applet is a powerful search tool with word ...
  • TiTLi - The Database Search  v.0.5TiTLi: A Google-like, full-text search tool for relational databases. It is very fast and independent of vendor specific RDBMS's like mysql, oracle etc. It uses Apache Lucene for indexing and provides some advanced features like similarity ...
  • Open Search Server  v.1.1.3 / 1.2.1-rIt is both a modern search engine and a suite of high-powered full text search algorithms.
  • Dropout  v.0.91Dropout is a portable application that makes it easy to search your USB, Dropbox or any other directory. Written in C# it uses the Lucene full text search library and IFilter's to search the content of your files. Simply place the executable in the ...
  • Foxit PDF IFilter(64-bit)  v.1.0.03213A plug-in for full-text search engines to index a large amount of PDF documents ...
  • Eligante, archivator de messages  v.0.3Eligante is a software for archivation, management and browsing (with full-text search functions) ...
  • Mail Archive Pro  v.1.6.160Mail Archive Pro - a Complete Email Storage and Search Tool for Microsoft Outlook. Administer and store email Outlook-compatible in a powerful, flexible archive! Lightning fast full text search of tens of thousands of emails and attachments!
  • BlueDoc  v.1.0BlueDoc is a Document Management System. A powerful and easy to use tool, necessary for designing, storing, and controlling the documents in the electronic format.
  • VBScriptMania  v.1.0MSAccess database with over 2000 predefined scripts, in French and English, colorized code like in VB. Full text search and filter, run code, import scripts, edit script and save options. Predefined statements scripts manager. Scan PC to find scripts ...
  • RightNote  v.1.0.9RightNote allows you to store all different types of information in a single place and find them very quickly. Features word processing, spreadsheet and source code type notes, as well as full text search for almost instant search results.
  • Efficient Notes  v. Notes is a cross-platform notebook software package. With its unique flash full-text search technique, simply enter a word in a note and you can locate this note quickly! You can sync data across PCs and mobile phones.
  • Hot Copy Paste  v.7.5Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage and full-text search. Hot Copy Paste works in every program supporting Windows Clipboard, and works in many that don't. Cut, copy and paste as many snippets as you need at once!
  • SearchInform Free  v.3.0.04Full-text search considering morphology and synonyms. Searching documents similar by content. Support of documents of any text formats and various data sources. Fast indexing (15-30 GB/h), the 'important words' function to pin-point the search ...
  • I*write  v.*write has been designed from the ground up as the journal writing tool for professionals. It runs on operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows XP and beyond and has very strong navigation capabilities and industrial-strength full-text search.
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Today's Top Ten Downloads for Full Text Search
  • Efficient Notes Efficient Notes is a cross-platform notebook software
  • Hot Copy Paste Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets , secure
  • Mail Archive Pro Mail Archive Pro - a Complete Email Storage and Search
  • VBScriptMania MSAccess database with over 2000 predefined scripts, in
  • Subject Search Sleuth SSSleuth is a full text search , information retrieval,
  • Subject Search Scanner SSScanner is a full - text search utility which scans
  • FileSearcher FileSearcher is a desktop application for enhanced full
  • Fts7 Full - text search engine library written in Java.
  • Dotument Personal Are your documents spread around in an unorganized folders?
  • BlueDoc BlueDoc is a Document Management System . A powerful and
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